Our breathalysers meet the Australian Standard 3547 and are calibrated by qualified technicians. Our machines use Heated Fuel Cell Technology, the same technology used by law enforcement to test blood alcohol content (BAC) with an accuracy of +/- 0.006 at 0.100%BAC.
The KBYG legal team has researched relevant Australian cases, applicable laws and trends overseas to design legal protection for; 1) the venue, 2) KBYG and 3) the manufacturer. The service is offered as a ‘courtesy’ to patrons, taking reasonable steps to deter drink driving, this does not make the venue, KBYG or manufacturer ‘responsible’ for patron behavior. A simple disclaimer has been developed and will be placed above the unit as follows:   “Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this machine, Know Before You Go, its affiliates and agents, the manufacturer of this machine and the owner/management of this establishment, cannot guarantee the accuracy of individual results and are not responsible for any act or event the user may produce after their test. The user is solely responsible for their acts and for monitoring their alcohol consumption. Be aware that even if your test result if below 0.05% BAC, you may still be too impaired to drive legally. Your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) may increase or decrease after this test based on your rate and time of alcohol consumption. It is recommended that the user test again to see the change in your BAC.”
This was a challenge in the past with previous technology however, KBYG has researched and found high grade industrial breathalysers that are steel cased and designed to prevent both physical and liquid damage. Additionally, placement of the unit can deter intoxicated patrons from tampering with the machine (e.g. within sight of staff or security) and KBYG takes full responsibility for any damage that may occur.
You can find your nearest breathalyser by checking our app, or see our venue listings here.
We don’t store any testing data, and will never store information at an individual level about tests.
Yes. We work with venue owners to ensure cleaning of the breathalyser is included in COVID cleaning schedules as per latest guidelines, and have also added wrappers to each individual straw, so you know the straw you use for your breath test has not been touched by anyone else.
The breathalysers you may have seen before typically use semiconductor technology, which is not very accurate or reliable. Know Before You Go use fuel sensor modules in our breathalysers, providing the same accuracy as law enforcement devices. However, best practice tells us that for highest accuracy, you retest after 10 minutes has passed. Further, the majority of breathalysers currently in pubs in Australia are built from cheaper imported parts from China, of a lower quality. Know Before You Go is 100% Australian owned and manufactures, our breathalysers are built in Melbourne using state of the art components in compliance with Australian manufacturing standards. We are proud to contribute to Australian jobs and the economy as a whole. Finally, we pride ourselves on upholding a high-quality product and service, and carry out scheduled maintenance on all our units once a month, much more frequently than most of our competitors.